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Credentials, Philosophy, and Bio:

Gerry’s journey began 36 years ago to this day. Like most young kids Gerry was a shy, quiet, artistic kid in school that got bullied daily. Fortunately for him, his parents blessed him with some incredible genetics.  Gerry got so good at running from the mean kids he became extremely fast.  They could never catch him.  He loved that powerful feeling of pushing his limits.  Eventually, a few bullies caught up with him and knocked him around.  Gerry went home upset and started throwing around some weights in his basement that his little brother never used.  After his workout he was hooked…..he was addicted!  Gerry grew like a weed!  In school he participated in some sports but only to complement his weight training.  He would do sports after school and go to work immediately after.  When he would get home from work Gerry would lift weights for hours.  He rode his pedal bike to and from work (work was 10 miles from home). YES, Gerry was a little excessive.  After graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  Because of his constant attention to detail, Gerry was immediately noticed by the Drill Instructors and they gave him the task of the prestigious “Guide” (in charge of the other recruits).  Gerry graduated top of his class as “Honor Man” and was meritoriously promoted.  He got to wear those Dress Blues on graduation.  During his 4 incredible years in the Marine Corps he began competing in bodybuilding and Powerlifting events.  Gerry won his first contest.  He was now hooked again on an even higher level.  Gerry started helping other Marines with weight training and contest prep.  It was the beginning of decades of personal training.  It was his purpose.  He could feel it flowing through his veins like fire.  Gerry enjoyed guiding people to their best.  After his honorable discharge from the Military, Gerry dedicated 20 plus years to competing in bodybuilding and personal training. Over these past two decades he personally achieved some proud accomplishments such as the overall winner of the 2001 New England Bodybuilding Championships, as well as being a National level competitor.  He has been hired by famous actors, actresses, radio personalities, professional athletes but more important Gerry had the great honor of training THE Most incredible people(regular, normal people) he’s  ever known. This past 36 years has been a blessing.  Gerry plans on writing a book someday about his training philosophies and about the challenges in his life that has given him his purpose.  It would be quite an interesting read to say the least.  If you’ve ever seen him in town or beating clients up in our studio here you may be a little apprehensive to meet him….but honestly….Gerry is that same little shy, artistic kid from 36 years ago.  The only difference is that playground is HIS playground now and he’s the one kicking butt….in a good way! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Gerry hopes to see you soon Soldier.

Gerry’s Comments About Client Erin Ferrell:

Erin contacted me a couple years back being referred by another one of my incredible clients Jenn Traverso. Erin from day one delivered her absolute best effort with never a negative attitude. Through many challenges that TRIED to get in Erin’s way but she persevered. After being away from some work commitments and time constraints, Erin has returned with fire in her eyes(after personally losing over 75 pounds…yikes!). This girl means business!



Nearly twelve years ago in my mid-forties I met Gerry Blais through a referral from a close friend and since then he has played a significant role in my life. We all need a constant, something we can count on and Gerry is just that. Upon my arrival to the gym he is always anxiously awaiting to get started on a new workout that he probably spent an hour or more designing just before my arrival. He continually changes workout routines with the goal being to exert me to my limits while not allowing my body to adjust from previous sessions; he calls this technique muscular confusion and it definitely seems to work. Even though my age is against me I find my strength increasing while my body continues to get leaner. Gerry’s knowledge of the anatomy and his attention to every detail allows him to push me without causing injury. I am fortunate to be trained by Gerry and feel with every dollar I spent I receive so much more in return. Let’s face it, without our health we have nothing. No matter how old, how young, a professional bodybuilder, or if you’ve never been in a gym before I strongly recommend you train with Gerry to see what the best is all about. If this is the year you make the decision to be proactive with your health, don’t wait any longer. I look forward to seeing you here at this beautiful well equipped private gym in Windham NH.
- Kevin Wade, President at the Greenskeeper, Inc.

I’ve been in decent shape for my whole life due to a lifelong obsession with soccer, but I had never known how to get to that next level of fitness. I did not know what to do when I went to the gym, so I didn’t go. I had never lifted seriously, I was just running a lot and doing the occasional P90X workout here and there. As an aspiring Division 1 athlete, I felt it was time to take it to the next level. I needed someone to show me how to work out with weights, tell me what to eat, tell me how to get to the next level of fitness, and, most importantly, someone to inspire me. Gerry was the man to do all of those things for me. His dedication and charisma are unparalleled, and he is absolutely incredible at what he does. I’d been told that it would be a while before I saw any results by my parents and friends, but after only two weeks of being on the new diet and working out with Gerry twice a week, I was getting much stronger than ever before in my life. Not only did Gerry spend his personal time creating workouts specifically for me, he was giving me workouts to do the other five days of the week I wasn’t with him. He made himself readily available at all hours of the day for whatever I needed. If I texted him asking “what should I eat today?” or “what should I do for a workout today?”  He answered me promptly. If you are for someone to push you and help you be your best athletically, look no farther, because Gerry is the best there is. I can wholeheartedly say that working out with Gerry has given me a whole new attitude towards my diet and towards my training, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Tyler Graham-2
- Tyler Graham, Submitted August 15, 2012

Working out and athletics has always been a big part of my life and a consistent part of my routine. I did it to stay “in shape” and because I really enjoyed it. After having kids i hit the gym to lose the baby weight but I wanted something more out of my gym experience. I tried trainers here and there and they were what you’d expect. U show up- tell them what u want to work on -u workout -u leave-show up again and repeat. I continued to work out on my own still longing for what i thought a trainer experience should be. I recently decided to step up my fitness routine and see what i was capable of however, i wasn’t really sure how to get there on my own. I figured i would try training one more time. One day, this past winter, i walked into infinite fitness. I met Gerry and told him what i was after. I felt good after our conversation.  He really listened to what i wanted to obtain from my workout and assured me that he would help me reach my goals. I decided to give him a try. It was one of the best decisions i have ever made. After my first workout, i knew i had met what i had been looking for in a trainer for years. When he shook my hand and said “good luck” i wasn’t sure if i had gotten in over my head. However, throughout the session, his motivation kept me going. The workouts are intense and tough but that’s what i need/want! Gerry’s dedication, passion for what he does, knowledge, enthusiasm, professionalism, intensity, and his desire for the client to succeed is incredible!  He gives his all -all the time. Whether you are his first client of the day or his last u will get his best guaranteed! He takes the time to look at all areas of your workouts and diet to make sure everything is in sync. He has great follow up to keep u motivated and is a plethora of knowledge so u can pick his brain to achieve and do your personal best.  This past spring i needed to take some time off from the gym and I knew it would be extremely difficult for me mentally as well as physically ( i felt like i was  undoing the work Gerry and i had just put so much effort in doing). Throughout my 5 Weeks off, Gerry made sure i didn’t get discouraged and kept me motivated to come back and be stronger than ever. It was him who got me through those 5 weeks without the gym!  He is the kind of trainer everyone should have the privilege/pleasure of working with. He is the best! He has and continues to push, motivate and help me achieve my fitness goals!

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work out with Gerry Blais and if u give him a try I bet u will be too.

 Melissa Hart-2
– Melissa Hartofelis, Submitted June 26, 2013

I’ve always been athletic and LOVE working out, I’ve done everything from boot camps, to boxing, competitive sports, TRX, Pilates, everything, but still nothing could push me to my limits, especially not in 35minutes! I wasn’t trying to lose weight, all I really wanted was to tone up and challenge myself, and that’s EXACTLY what I got. After the first class I was afraid I bit off more than I could chew, but Gerry never gave up on me! Something I need is motivation, and every day I get some type of motivation from Gerry, reminding me that I can do whatever I want there are no limits, to not give up, and how beautiful life is. It takes a real special person to stay so positive after his own life challenges and all the negative we see in the world every day. I looked forward to every Tuesday with my trainer Gerry, who is now a really good friend. My new motto became “Everyone needs a little Gerry in their life”, and that’s the truth! He is the best of the best, and if you’re looking for the BEST, you found it!

Melanie Lavoie
- Melanie Lavoie, Submitted October 24, 2013