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ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Philosophy and Bio:

Melissa has been working with clients to assist them in reaching their fitness goals and help educate them on a healthier lifestyle. She uses her uplifting personality to motivate her clients to exceed their goals. Health & wellness is a passion in Melissa’s life, and she found it was something she wanted to pass on to others.

Melissa and her husband opened up Infinite Fitness together in 2007. In addition to Infinite Fitness, Melissa extended her career in health & wellness by representing the efforts in the fight against breast Cancer. As a breast Cancer survivor herself, she believes deeply in educating people on the importance of a healthier lifestyle. Her passions have led her to certifications in Personal training & nutrition.


Infinite Fitness has a personalized approach to each client’s needs and goals. The small family atmosphere and the attentive trainers who truly care for their clients is a welcome change from the big chain workout clubs. These are truly personal trainers who work with their clients on a one on one basis at every workout appointment.

Two years ago I was a 53-year old woman who had never got up early in the morning to work out.  In fact, I had never really worked out consistently in my whole life. I have been with Infinite Fitness and my trainer, Melissa for 2 years. She has tailored my workout to address my specific needs and abilities as I have progressed. I have discovered a person within me that I did not know existed. My confidence, strength, balance and agility have significantly increased while my bad cholesterol has significantly decreased!

I am one of the least motivated people when it comes to working out. But, because I have an appointment with Melissa who will be waiting for me early in the morning, I will get out of bed and go. And, oh ya, did I tell you that I don’t run?  Well, I do now with Melissa’s coaching.

Melissa and Bethanie-3
- Bethanie, Submitted February 18, 2014